by Manamére

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A science fiction concept album. Two minds are intertwined sustaining a great city, one forever burdened by knowledge of every facet of its functioning, the other blissfully unaware of his role in the society. Fuelled by quantum entanglement the Glass city is a city of perfection..... Or at least, it was.


released September 24, 2012



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Manamére Edinburgh, UK

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Track Name: 2. Glass City
Per-fec-tion , div-ine art-is-try,
Cre-a -ted by man-kind's dreams,
Now made un-clean by greed,
What hap-pened to best laid plans?
Lat-ent mis-takes beg-in to fes-ter,
Is it now to late to change ,
Re-work our lives?
but to un-der-stand the cure
[is to]give in to your fate

Brit-tle skies shat-ter,
in the ci-ty of dreams .

Crys-tall-ine keep,
it's nex-us fail-ing
Track Name: 3. Sia and Cerburus
[To]Care for a thought
To ba-ttle one's self, tam-ing the mind

Aaah cur-tain of steel,
cries for rit-u-al clean-sing seas- Aah-

Blank for a pur-pose un-known,
Clear to pre-serve pa-ra-digms,
Blank for a pur-pose un-known,
Va-cant and pure by the tome

De-grade fe-ral in-stincts lodged i-in-side your mind,
Quick-sil-ver's a-wake-en-ing,
Deep, your thoughts are ca-rry-ing the strain

Fear of the des-perate un-known [is]mould-ing you,
In-to a ma-chine of po-wer,
Carved in-to per-fec-tive flesh,
The-e-e mark of cen-tur-ies of cal-cu-la-ted care-ful culls

[Harsh Vox]
Two conn- ect through anc- ient pur- pose,
the bond now aches to bec-ome one, UH.
[/Harsh Vox]

Care for a thought,
this mind has been born,
[a]tain- ted arch- ive

Per- fect world, hung bet- ween
Two un- known souls,
now burns. The fin- al cy- cle starts,
the rift be- tween un-ity and cha- os bec- kons them